Simmons Beautyrest Classic Review



The pocketed coils in these mattresses minimize motion transfer for co-sleepers and provide comfort and support. Several Beautyrest models fall within the cheap price range.

The Simmons Beautyrest (starting at $477, Amazon) line commands mostly positive reviews from sleepers. Although prices hover near the upper end of the Cheapism niche and beyond, budget models can still be found. The Classic Wyloway Plush Firm, for example, starts at $674 and needed just a 2-inch foam topper to make it perfect, according to a Beautyrest review at US-Mattress. For $399, the Verona Tight Top Firm is just that -- firm -- but also good for snuggling and refreshing sleep, say posts at Macy's.

Indeed, after analyzing more than 500 Beautyrest reviews written by consumers, reports more than three-fifths are satisfied with the product, with the most positive comments reserved for the variety of firmness levels and the near elimination of "motion transfer" (one sleeping partner can turn over or get out of bed without disturbing the other). A number of reviews posted on Viewpoints agree and add that these mattresses provide a good balance of soft and hard. Like other budget innerspring mattresses, the Beautyrest line takes some knocks for durability (i.e., premature sagging and padding components that break down).

The isolation of motion transfer is the result of the unique pocketed coil system (each coil is encased in a sac-like pocket) found exclusively in the Simmons Beautyrest line. Beautyrest mattresses have 800 coils as well as extra foam along the edges for edge support and a larger sleeping surface. These are no-flip, no-rotate mattresses and they come with a 10-year warranty. The padding in Beautyrest mattresses varies by model, and some feature memory foam and a knit cover.

The quality materials used in the Simmons Beautyrest line and the pocketed coil system that minimizes motion transfer have a lot of appeal. Gripes about durability seem par for the course, so if you find a model for a budget price and it feels right on a test rest in the store, go for it.

Raechel Conover

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