Sealy Posturepedic Review



In a study of user satisfaction, Sealy proves to be the most comfortable and least likely to sag. The Posturepedic line is designed to provide more back support and pressure relief for hips and shoulders.

An analysis of consumer reviews by reveals that innerspring mattresses provide the least satisfaction, but Sealy Posturepedic reviews indicate that this line claims top honors. Consumers favorably comment on the budget price, the report continues, and, at least initially, the comfort. What they don't like, according to Posturepedic reviews, is the uncertain durability (a frequent gripe about cheap innerspring mattresses) and inadequate motion isolation (one sleeping partner may be disturbed when the other gets out of bed or rolls over).

Sealy Posturepedic (starting at $391) mattresses are available in either firm or plush styles, and consumers generally describe both as comfortably firm. A Sealy Posturepedic review on US-Mattress says the Beresan Firm provides support while cradling the sleeper's body and another on the same site says the American Trail Plush isn't as soft as feared and gives good back support without stressing the usual pressure points.

The entry-level series in the Posturepedic line is made with the company's Titanium SS single-stage coils; coil count varies by mattress size but reaches 736 for a queen. Many models also feature what Sealy calls a CoreSupport Center in the middle third of the mattress for extra support. All Posturepedic mattresses feature edge support for a larger sleep surface and stability, and a rubberized cover on the box spring to keep the mattress and sheets in place. The company also offers a path to customizing your order and a 10-year warranty. Sealy Posturepedic mattresses have a no-flip design, although occasional rotation may be a good idea.

While it's hard to find strong consensus among user reviews -- as with most mattresses, the user experience is highly subjective -- those we found suggest that many consumers find Posturepedic mattresses to be quite comfortable. But do check one out for yourself before purchasing.

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