Simmons BeautySleep Review



An entry-level line, BeautySleep mattresses contain moderate amounts of padding and users say they're rather firm. Some report reduced back pain while others report discomfort.

A promotional, entry-level line from Simmons, BeautySleep (starting at $319, Amazon) mattresses are simple, no frills affairs that reviews indicate win over consumers with their comfort and affordability. One consumer writes in a BeautySleep review on US-Mattress that the Huntcliff Pillow Top was the budget choice to replace a worn-out mattress that's part of Simmons's higher-cost Beautyrest line. The Ridgebrook Plush is softer than what the purchaser had in mind, according to a post at Sleepy's, but this firmness turns out to be a good fit for someone who sleeps on their back or side. Assessments of the Ravenspur Pillow Top are also quite favorable. Consumers posting on the same site say this 10-inch innerspring mattress with plush and convoluted foam is relatively firm, supportive, and an excellent value, although there's no consensus on the suitability for side and stomach sleepers; one review, however, says pain from the writer's sciatica disappeared after lying on it for a while. Other BeautySleep reviews assert that mattresses in this line have helped relieve back pain.

Innerspring mattresses are not always known for their durability, so it is is unsurprising that “sagging” is a common complaint amongst consumers posting critical reviews for the BeautySleep.

The manufacturer's specs for BeautySleep are somewhat vague. The coils are described as heavy gauge and high performance, and most queen-size models contain 460 coils. Padding is described as luxury, but the actual composition of the comfort and quilting layers varies by model. Some models carry a 10-year warranty, so check this feature carefully before signing on the dotted line.

The positive user remarks that BeautySleep mattresses receive are a strong selling point, especially given their lower-end placement along the price ladder. If you can get past the limited availability of technical information and find a model that feels right in a store test, you'll be landing a good buy.

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