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This simple yet powerful hand mixer is available in black (model 2577) or white (2534) and has users talking about its impressive mixing capabilities. It may even have too much oomph for some tasks, but most consumer reviewers seem glad to have found such a high-performing budget model. This mixer has six speed settings, a variety of attachments, and conveniences including a retractable cord and dishwasher-safe beaters.

Positive Oster Inspire reviews combine with a relatively impressive set of features and a very low price to make this the best budget hand mixer. The Oster Inspire (starting at $18, Amazon) comes in two colors with different model numbers: black (2577) and white (2534). At 250 watts, it has more than enough power for all but the thickest of batters. This model held its own in a test by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute of hand mixers at all price points, ably kneading heavy bread dough.

Standard beaters, dough hooks, a balloon whisk, and a drink rod included with this mixer add versatility and allow users to choose the right tool for the best results. Target customers who have posted Oster Inspire reviews on the retailer's website consider this mixer a steal given the number of attachments and features for the price. These include a power burst button and a retractable power cord, which makes for easy storage and prevents a loose cord from hanging out of a cabinet or falling onto a wet surface.

Although Oster Inspire reviews show that this mixer performs well and includes all necessary features (and then some), no budget mixer is without drawbacks. Take the retractable cord, for instance: In mixed reviews on Amazon, some consumers complain that the cord is too short and won't retract all the way unless you fiddle with it on the way in. More common are gripes about speed. The six possible settings suggest a fair amount of variation, but some reviewers say they're all too high, and even the lowest one sends ingredients flying out of the bowl. Then again, other reviewers assert that the cord is plenty long enough and the low speed just fine. They attribute messes to bowls that are too shallow or remind fellow reviewers not to start the mixer unless the beaters are touching the bottom.

Despite some frustration, many users report satisfaction with the mixer's performance, saying it meets basic mixing needs. There aren't many other mixers with high ratings and so many features at this price.

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