Hamilton Beach 64650 Review


Hamilton Beach 64650 reviews warn: Don't be seduced by the low price tag on this hand/stand mixer. On paper the Hamilton Beach 64650 (starting at $29, Amazon) is appealing enough in price and features that it's achieved best-seller status on Amazon. In addition to functioning as either a hand or a stand mixer, it comes with a 4-quart mixing bowl, beaters, dough hooks, and whisk. However, users have multiple complaints about this mixer, including durability and a tendency for the 290-watt motor to die when mixing thick batters.

Like the hand mixers on our list of top picks, this combination hand/stand mixer has six speed levels and a power burst button. Overall Hamilton Beach 64650 reviews on Amazon are, well, mixed. Many consumers say batters stir up smoothly, while others report that this model doesn't mix well in standing mode and is very heavy to use in hand mode. In general this doesn't seem like the most user-friendly mixer. Reviewers point out its faults: It lacks a locking mechanism to hold the head on the stand, the bowl spins if you don't hold it in place, and the lowest speed starts out too fast to keep ingredients in the included bowl. One consumer gripes about the design, pointing out that the short stand makes it hard to add ingredients even when the bowl is pushed to the side.

One final concern is durability. Several users posting Hamilton Beach 64650 reviews on the Target website mention that the motor died within a year of purchase (one specified two months) or after being used for heavy batters. Additional reviewers air similar gripes on Amazon. One user reports that this cheap mixer broke after nine months and only about 10 uses.

All that said, this model claims many satisfied customers. Just don't expect it to handle the heavy-duty tasks you'd normally entrust to a stand mixer. It's no more powerful than the best budget hand mixers.

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