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HP 2011xi 4 Star Rating: Cheapism Good Pick
Where to Buy HP 2011xi

The HP 2011xi (starting at $150, Amazon) is brand spanking new, so much so that it has yet to make the rounds of most expert reviewers' testing labs. Still, PC Mag got hold of one and in an HP 2100xi review assigned it an above-average rating. The expert likes that this is an affordable IPS monitor, and true to the strengths of IPS technology, the HP 2100xi review notes that it displays rich, crisp color and good grayscale and boasts wide viewing angles. The few consumers who have posted HP 2100xi reviews generally agree, and at Best Buy one comments that the comfort of the viewing experience owes much to the LED/IPS technologies and says the intuitive controls let you dispense with instructions. The black glossy bezel gives a good pop to on-screen images, adds a review at Amazon.

The 2011xi does have a few drawbacks, though. First, the display lacks an HDMI port, which is unusual for one of the better budget monitors. Also, the maximum resolution of 1600x900 means it can't play movies or video at 1080p but is limited to 720p. One user posits, however, that the image quality doesn't suffer because the resolution is a good fit on a 20-inch screen. The 7ms response time is a bit slow, although an HP 2011xi review at the HP site says it works for gaming.

The HP 2011xi is a 20-inch IPS display with a 1000:1 static contrast ratio and 250 cd/m brightness level. The response time of 7ms is slower than that of other entry-level monitors, but IPS monitors by definition have slower response times than traditional TN displays, so this detail is not deal breaker. The HP 2011xi sports DVI-D and VGA connectors and comes with the requisite cables. It can be tilted to accommodate individual users' needs and it boasts Energy Star certification.

The omission of an HDMI port and the 1600x900 resolution are something of a letdown, particularly if you want to play games or watch high-def video. But if you want an IPS display for general computing use, the HP 2011xi is a good deal.

by Michael Sweet (Google+ Profile) – April 24, 2014
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