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ViewSonic VA2448M
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A sizeable display that buyers generally like, the ViewSonic VA2448M (starting at $180, Amazon) nonetheless has a few weak spots. Chief among them is the stand, which ViewSonic VA2448M reviews at Newegg insist is just too flimsy. Having said that, reviews posted at these sites declare the display to be bright and crisp, with very good sharpness and vibrant colors. At Amazon, consumers also note the clarity of the display but frequently grouse about the absence of an HDMI port and the lack of an included DVI cable. The expert at PC World is less impressed. The monitor's stand again surfaces as an issue in this ViewSonic VA2448M review, where it gets slammed for bobbling, and the display is critiqued for murky video and some ghosting that showed up in tests.

At 23.6-inches, the ViewSonic VA2448M is larger than most of the models we researched. It's an LED display with a resolution of 1920x1080 and a static contrast ratio of 1000:1. The brightness of 300cd/m is higher than most competing models but its 5ms response time is a bit slow for a non-IPS display. The VA2448M does not include an HDMI input, and instead relies on DVI-D and D-sub connections (VGA cable included). Unlike other budget monitors, the ViewSonic VA2448M does feature built-in speakers. The monitor tilts and it can be wall mounted. It also meets Energy Star standards.

We realize that budget displays don't always have the sturdiest construction, but the wobbly stand is a concern -- you don't want the monitor to wiggle and bob every time you fidget in your chair. The lack of an HDMI port in a monitor at this price is also disappointing. For a larger display with decent if not excellent video quality, the price is right. But with all the competition out there, you can do better.

by Michael Sweet (Google+ Profile) – April 24, 2014
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