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Where to Buy AOC I2353PH

The new AOC I2353PH (starting at $180) is reasonably priced considering its size and the fact that it's an IPS display. The two HDMI ports and color uniformity win praise in an AOC I2353PH review at AnandTech, although the expert says black levels could be darker. The monitor's contrast ratio suffers as a result, the review continues, but is still acceptable. IPS displays have slower response times than traditional TN displays, and the review suggests that this model may not be fast enough for serious gamers. And yet, an expert at APC Mag, where its strong performance earned it an Editor's Choice label, didn't detect ghosting problems and says the color reproduction is excellent. This review considers the omission of a DVI-D input something of a downer that's partially assuaged by the two HDMI ports.

Users regard this model as a good value, and their AOC I2353PH reviews at Amazon talk up the wide viewing angle, the absence of ghosting, and the suitability for gaming. Opinion is divided on the touch-screen controls, with several users describing them as responsive and intuitive and others asserting the opposite. We also came across a few complaints in reviews about the contrast ratio being too low and the build quality veering close to flimsy.

This is a widescreen 23-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1920x1080, brightness of 250cd/m, and response time of 5ms. The only inputs are its two HDMI ports without DVI-D or D-sub connections, your laptop, PC, or gaming machine will need an HDMI-out port. The AOC I2353PH also features two built-in speakers and tilt and wall-mount options. The on-screen display can be set to appear in any of eight languages. No Energy Star for this model, but there is an e-saver feature.

Considering its size and IPS technology, the AOC I2353PH passes as a budget display. The modest price, however, is associated with a couple of shortcomings. The display looks nice with its aluminum finish, but some consumers say the build quality lacks a certain something. The absence of DVI-D and D-Sub ports is a big negative for PC and laptop users who don't have an HDMI-out port. But you'll get a lot of screen real estate and great color (not to mention wide viewing angles), making this model a generally good deal.

by Michael Sweet (Google+ Profile) – April 24, 2014
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