Acer T232HL Review


The Acer T232HL is pricier than the budget models we researched because it's a touchscreen display, but reviews indicate its feature set and performance seem to be on par with the entry-level competition. Expert reviews of the Acer T232HL are generally upbeat, but refrain from all-out enthusiasm. A reviewer at Anandtech likes the very wide viewing angles, and says the display is quite responsive to touch input and response time is quick for an IPS display. On the other hand, continues the Acer T32HL review, color accuracy is a bit off and the display isn't as bright as competing screens. An expert at PC Mag gives this model a rating of 4 out of 5 in a review that describes touchscreen responsiveness as "flawless." It goes on to say that text looks crisp and color is robust, with accurate skin tones, but dismisses the built-in speakers for their tinny sound. Both Acer T232HL reviews complain about the screen's reflectiveness.

This is a 23-inch IPS touchscreen monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080 and a pair of 2w speakers. The monitor sports an HDMI and a VGA port, three USB 2.0 ports, but no DVI or DisplayPort.

Anyone who has upgraded to Windows 8 may want to update their display to take advantage of the operating system's touchscreen features. Responsiveness on the Acer T232HL (starting at $316, Amazon) is excellent and color accuracy pretty good, though not perfect. The price is high for budget shoppers, but touchscreen displays haven't dropped below our $200 ceiling yet.

Michael Sweet

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