AOC i2367fh Review



The AOC i2367 is a PC Mag Editors' Choice winner. It presents excellent color accuracy out of the box, better grayscale accuracy than many IPS displays, and includes two HDMI ports. A real bargain for an IPS display, especially one that performs this well.

Most AOC monitors are priced in the budget range and the i2367fh is one of the company's best, according to reviews. A PC Mag expert was sufficiently enthused to declare it an Editors' Choice, awarding it four out of five stars. The AOC i2367fh review highlights several appealing attributes. For example, the monitor's color accuracy is very good right out of the box. Moreover, the AOC i2367fh has two HDMI ports and the response time is a mere 5 milliseconds, which is notable given that this is an IPS display. As expected, it has wide viewing angles and grayscale reproduction is quite good. As for drawbacks, the AOC i2367fh is a tilt-only display -- there's no height adjustment -- and reviews conclude that the speakers don't sound so hot.

An assessment by Gadget Review also points out that the AOC i2367fh lacks a DVI connection, so if you want to connect to your PC using DVI, you'll need an HDMI-to-DVI adapter. This expert likes the rapid-fire response time and says the AOC i2367fh shows good detail and no ghosting, although he spotted a tiny bit of barely noticeable backlight bleeding from one edge of the screen.

The AOC i2367fh (starting at $160, Amazon) is a 23-inch IPS display with a 1920x1080 resolution and brightness of 250 cd/m2. Its response time of 5 milliseconds gray-to-gray is impressively fast for an IPS monitor. For connections, the i2367fh offers two HDMI ports and a VGA port. The monitor also includes two 2w speakers.

The only real negative with this model is speakers that produce disappointing sound, but that's to be expected in a budget monitor. The two HDMI ports are a welcome touch. Color quality on the AOC i2367fh is very good, and its response time is outstanding.

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