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Acer X203H
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The Acer's X203H has a super-low price, which also means it doesn't include a lot of extra features or frills. No doubt there are frugal consumers who are looking for just such a combination, but others may be disappointed. Some consumers posting Acer X203H reviews at Best Buy are thrilled with the value-to-price ratio, but some are less than impressed with the monitor's video quality. An review on Amazon praises its affordability but says its graphics could be better. A consumer posting an review on Newegg observes that the color is a bit "off" and another notes that the monitor stand is a bit wobbly, which makes one wonder how sturdy the Acer X203H's construction is.

The Acer X203H is a comparatively small 20-inch screen, and like the HP 2009m, its 1600x900 resolution is not quite high-def. The Acer X203H lacks speakers and an HDMI port but it does feature DVI and VGA connections. As with most monitors, this one has a black-to-white-to-black response time of 5ms, which is more than adequate for fast-moving video. The Acer X203H boasts a dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1, but that doesn't say much about its true contrast ability.

On paper, the Acer X203H is pretty similar to HP's popular 2009m. The Acer is cheaper, which is great, but based on LCD monitors reviews we've seen, the HP has better image quality. If you're willing to sacrifice some video quality to save a few extra dollars, the Acer X203H is still a decent buy. But if you care more about image quality than an absolutely rock-bottom price, there are several other monitors that are affordable and give you better viewing.

by Michael Sweet (Google+ Profile) – April 24, 2014
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