Koolatron Bite Shield MK05 Champion Mosquito Trap Review


Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com
Think Twice

This half-acre outdoor mosquito trap uses light, heat, and a chemical lure to attract mosquitoes, but reviewers say its fan doesn't actually suck them into the unit to kill them.

The main problem with this mosquito trap, as described in Koolatron Mosquito Trap MK05 Champion (starting at $95, Amazon) reviews at Home Depot, is that it isn't able to trap the mosquitoes it attracts, leaving them free to aggravate the humans near the trap. In fact, the trap gets mostly poor reviews everywhere. Users posting reviews on Amazon say it simply doesn't work and isn't worth the money.

The Koolatron Mosquito Trap MK05 Champion is an exclusively outdoor trap that attracts mosquitoes using a combination of light, carbon dioxide, and thermal imaging, as well as octenol cartridges. The cartridges must be changed every few weeks to be effective and refills cost about $23 for a pack of two. The trap is weatherproof, runs on electric power, and covers up to half an acre.

While the variety of attractants makes it seems like the trap should work, the poor reviews make us wary. The added cost of the octenol cartridges cements our belief that another budget mosquito trap would be a better choice.