Mega-Catch Alpha Mosquito Trap MCA-600 Review


Users posting Mega-Catch (starting at $69, Amazon) reviews on Amazon have mixed opinions when it comes to this trap's effectiveness. Satisfied users contend it works great when left on 24/7. They say it's convenient to use indoors and out and optional cartridges make it even more effective during prime bug season. Users who don't like it say in reviews that the trap attracts mosquitoes but doesn't capture them. A review at reports that the trap seems durable and well-made.

The Mega-Catch Alpha Mosquito Trap MCA-600 uses a pulsating LED light and heat to attract mosquitoes and a fan to trap them. Additionally, the trap offers the option of a chemical cartridge, so it can be used indoors or out -- just make sure not to use a chemical lure in the house. The trap is weatherproof and has a coverage area of half an acre.

The option of using a chemical lure makes this trap appealingly versatile; it's capable of dispatching mosquitoes inside or out. The mixed user reviews kept us from including it among our picks.

Raechel Conover

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