Aspectek 20-Watt Electronic Indoor Insect Killer Review


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This indoor-only trap skips chemicals, pairing two UV lights with an electrified grid to kill an impressive number of mosquitoes in spaces up to 6,000 square feet. It can be wall-hung for safety.

The popular Aspectek 20-Watt Electronic Indoor Insect Killer (starting at $41) earns the praise of thousands on Amazon for zapping a wide range of insects, including mosquitoes. One of the nearly 2,500 positive reviews says pesky bites stopped within hours of plugging in this trap, and after two days, at least 20 dead mosquitoes were counted. Users like the fact that they don’t have to employ any chemicals to attract bugs, especially indoors, but they caution that this zapper is quite loud when it kills insects. Some find the sound satisfying, but it might startle others. Reviewers like the removable catch tray, which speeds cleaning, but caution users to wait at least a couple of hours after unplugging the trap to make sure there is no charge remaining in the grate before cleaning any other part.

The Aspectek is an indoor-only trap that relies on two 10-watt ultraviolet bulbs, which cost about $17 to replace. This model attract bugs from up to 80 feet and covers an area up to 6,000 feet, according to the manufacturer. If 20 watts isn’t powerful enough, there are 30- and 40-watt versions. The trap comes with a chain that lets users hang it on the wall. It can also be placed directly on the floor, but reviewers caution against that if you have small children or pets. While the trap has plastic housing that doesn’t conduct electricity and safety mesh to keep hands from accidentally brushing the electrified grid, it might not stop small, curious fingers.

The brutal “zap” of this mosquito trap may not be for the faint of heart, and with the powerful electric current, users should be sure to follow all safety tips. However, the overwhelmingly positive reviews indicate that users consider this a small trade-off for a chemical-free, bug-free home.