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Cheap mosquito traps use several different attractants to lure mosquitoes close to the trap, where a fan typically sucks them in. Attractants include light, movement, moisture, heat, and scent in the form of carbon dioxide, octenol, or lactic acid. The right combination of attractants depends on the size of the space and the breed of the mosquitoes. It also depends on whether the trap will be used indoors or out. While budget mosquito traps generally are recommended for either indoor or outdoor use, some are designed for both. Most cheap mosquito traps cover half an acre. Our list comprises only inexpensive mosquito traps with electric cords, because cordless, propane-powered traps can get pricey to refill. Extras include features that make the traps easier to use, such as a cleaning brush and a removable trap door for easy cleaning.

Indoor/Outdoor Trapping Method Coverage Area Power Source Extras
Dynatrap DT1000 Insect Eliminator estimated price $96
Both Carbon dioxide and ultraviolet light Half acre Electric cord Cleaning brush, metal chain for hanging, weatherproof
Stinger Nosquito Indoor Insect Trap MA06 estimated price $28
Indoor Ultraviolet light and heat Doesn’t say Electric cord Removable trap door for easy cleaning
Mega-Catch Alpha Mosquito Trap MCA-600 estimated price $69
Both Heat and a pulsating LED light, plus optional octenol and lactic acid cartridges Half acre Electric cord Weatherproof
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