Dynatrap DT1050 Half-Acre Insect Trap Review


Photo credit: Courtesy of amazon.com
This half-acre indoor/outdoor trap uses carbon dioxide instead of chemicals to lure bugs into a chamber where they die on their own. It's sold as a quieter, “natural” alternative to standard zappers.

Unlike many other traps, the Dynatrap DT1050 Half-Acre Insect Trap, does not employ an electric killing grid. Insects are lured by a 7-watt ultraviolet light and the carbon dioxide-producing surface of the trap itself. A fan sucks bugs into a retaining cage, where they slowly die on their own.

The Dynatrap DT1050 (starting at $109) gets the highest praise from consumers who want a more unobtrusive way to catch mosquitoes than an electric zapper. On Amazon, one reviewer says he bought the trap after being forced to brave the bugs for years because a noisier one scared his dog. Others agree it’s quiet, and it’s also a safer pick for those with pets or small kids because there’s no chemical lure and little risk of electrical shock.

Consumers are divided on how well the Dynatrap DT1050 deals with mosquitoes, which is why this trap doesn’t earn a higher ranking. Although many say it does a great job of keeping them at bay, others say it's more adept at catching moths and other winged insects. There is no mosquito-specific octenol lure in this trap, which may help explain the mixed results. On the whole, however, most seem satisfied.

As its name suggests, this all-weather trap covers up to a half-acre. It can be used indoors and outdoors. The insect trap at the bottom of the unit remains sealed even when the fan is off, so mosquitoes or other bugs that are still alive can't fly away. Like many mosquito traps, it looks like a lantern and can be hung from a pole or hook. It comes with a hanging chain, cleaning brush, and screwdriver. Replacement bulbs are about $10 each.

Though this model is a bit pricier than our other picks, we like that the Dynatrap DT1050 offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to electrified grids. “Good” bugs can be saved from their sentence in the collection tray and evenings outdoors can be enjoyed without an audible reminder of the carnage.