Stinger BKC90 Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper Review


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This indoor/outdoor mosquito trap ditches the power cord to zap bugs anywhere. The 625-square-foot range is limited, but reviewers say it's convenient and effective, especially given the low price.

The widely sold Stinger BKC90 Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper is a convenient, easy-to-use mosquito trap that goes almost anywhere, reviewers say. It uses a 2-watt ultraviolet black light and an octenol lure to attract bugs to an electrified grid that kills them.

Bugs are everywhere during summer months, and that’s one of the main reasons the Stinger BKC90 (starting at $30) has become a top seller. Users like being able to take this portable, rechargeable trap wherever they go, whether that’s just a patio or somewhere further afield. One shopper reviewing the trap on the Walmart website says it has done a good job of zapping mosquitoes on her outlet-free patio so she can use her hot tub without being bitten. On Amazon, several reviewers say it’s particularly convenient for killing mosquitoes at campsites that don’t have electricity. The unit requires a few hours to charge, and although it can be used while plugged in, a few users grouse that the cord is too short to make that practical outside.

The Stinger BKC90 Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper lasts about 3.5 hours on battery power and covers 625 square feet -- roughly the size of a large deck, patio, or campsite. Replacement bulbs cost about $6 each, and octenol lures are about $7 each. This indoor/outdoor trap doubles as a lantern and has LED lights that can be used without turning on the UV light. It can be hung like a lantern or placed on any flat surface. A removable tray catches dead bugs.

Although most users agree that the Stinger BKC90 is effective, there are durability complaints. In reviews at Amazon, Home Depot, and Walmart, consumers say they purchased units that stopped working anywhere from days to several months later. Others say battery life dwindled quickly.

This mosquito trap may not last forever, but it can zap a lot of insects in a number of settings, even without an external power source. For many consumers, that convenience alone makes the Stinger BKC90 worth trying, especially given its low price.