Trek 3 Series 3500 Review



Trek has a reputation for making exceptional bikes and this moderately-priced mountain bike fits the mold. It stands out for performance and quality parts, and users say it holds its own against the higher-priced competition.

The cheapest of the Trek mountain bikes, the 3 Series 3500 Disc (starting at $399) doesn't skimp on components. Several Trek 3 Series 3500 Disc reviews at Metro Bicycle Stores point to the disc brakes, the gears, and the hardtail suspension as quality parts, and the black and mint-green color scheme as a stand-out look. This budget mountain bike likewise impresses riders who posted comments on the Trek website, where mountain bike reviews also laud the build quality and performance. Riders report the bike handles well in city and country settings -- for commuting, for fun, and for fitness. One boasts of beating out bikers on pricier models during uphill climbs, another writes of completing small jumps and wheelies, still another asserts the bike is very stable even at low speeds. A 20-mile-a-day commuter admits to taking the long way around just to keep riding, and yet another Trek 3 Series review notes that this model easily reaches 35 mph on smooth roads. Experts at Bike Radar like the gearing ratios for riding on paved surfaces and down hills, but say trail riding would be better if the gear range were a bit lower.

Par for the course, some Trek 3 Series 3500 Disc reviews are mildly critical. One self-described skinny rider grouses about feeling the bumps, another says riding uphill is tough, and a few gripe about an uncomfortable saddle.

The Trek 3 Series 3500 Disc boasts components often found on high-end mountain bikes, notably the disc brakes. It features a 21-speed Shimano drive train, a lightweight aluminum frame, a Suntour front suspension, and 26-inch wheels.

For the price, you can't do much better than the Trek 3 Series 3500 Disc. This is a versatile mountain bike for newbie riders who are serious about their riding. The handling and quality parts make the Trek 3500 Disc an excellent value. If you're looking to ramp up your ride but stay within the Cheapism price niche, this is the bike for you.

Raechel Conover

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