Schwinn Ridge AL Review



Women-only mountain bikes rarely win over users, but the Schwinn Ridge Al Women's Mountain is an exception with its smooth, light ride and easy assembly. It's a good fit for most women although the handlebars aren't height-adjustable.

Schwinn Ridge AL Women's reviews convincingly nominate this model as the best cheap mountain bike for women. Of the reviews at Amazon, more than three-quarters award it at least four (out of five) stars. Reviewers cite factors such as value pricing, smooth braking, light weight, good shock absorption, and an overall sense of stability; one reviewer crows about all the compliments she's received while commuting to and fro. Mountain bike reviews also like the sizing of the frame and generally report that assembly isn't particularly challenging, although many say that a professional fine-tuning is a good investment. This model wins over experts at the Best Mountain Bike Reviews site with its low-rise frame, cushioned seat, and seat height and handlebar geometry that suits women's physique.

On the down side, the handlebar height can't be adjusted and riders themselves complain about the feel and shape of the seat; adding a gel pad or buying a replacement are suggested fixes. A few Schwinn Ridge AL Women's reviews grumble about sticky and noisy gears, but most are quite pleased with the bike's performance. Just stick to paved surfaces and relatively smooth trails to get the most from this budget mountain bike.

The Schwinn Ridge AL Women's (starting at $225, Amazon) boasts the usual array of features. It has an aluminum frame, 21 speeds, V-brakes, front suspension, a quick-release seat, and 26-inch wheels.

Many women's mountain bikes get slammed with negative reviews. The Schwinn Ridge AL Women's model avoids this fate. Despite some minor flaws, riders (including some teenage girls) appreciate the pricing and the performance.

Raechel Conover

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