Genesis V2100 Review



The full suspension and disc brakes make this Walmart exclusive a good buy. Users consider the build to be solid enough, although the plastic pedals break easily and the seat draws howls of complaint.

Riders' Genesis 26" V2100 reviews posted at Walmart are strongly positive. In fact, a whopping 85% say they would recommend this model to a friend. So what do they like about it? Nearly everything, according to mountain bike reviews: the brakes are fast and firm, the gears shift smoothly and quietly, the dual suspension delivers a smooth ride. The only drawbacks, reviewers assert, are flimsy pedals and an extraordinarily uncomfortable seat. Numerous reviews report that the plastic pedals crack, shatter, and otherwise disintegrate without regard to the weight of the rider, the force applied to the pedals, or the age of the bike. The seat also takes a drubbing in reviews, but as with the pedals, reviewers assert the fix is cheap enough and the matter hardly sufficient to quash their favorable appraisal of this beginner's mountain bike.

The Genesis 26" V2100 (starting at $149 from Walmart) has lots going for it given the low-ball price. It comes with a full suspension and front disc brake (the rear break is the standard V-brake), features that are typically reserved for more expensive mountain bikes. It has a lightweight aluminum frame, 26-inch tires, and 21 speeds.

Like other mountain bikes at this end of the market, the Genesis V2100 is best ridden on undemanding terrain. It's an entry-level bicycle with a very low price that goes a long way towards compensating for some of its weaknesses. This is a Walmart exclusive.

Raechel Conover

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