Huffy DS-7 Review


Think Twice

Although equipped with a front-wheel disc brake and full suspension, the Huffy DS-7 disappoints. Riders say the bike doesn't seem built to last and it feels heavy and slow.

Complaints from riders in Huffy DS-7 reviews about overall build quality and performance relegate this model to the bottom of our list. At Walmart, Huffy reviews gripe about parts that don't work properly or are easily damaged. Riders variously report that the aluminum frame is susceptible to dings, the front disc brake isn't aligned properly, and in general the components seem chintzy; a couple report that the unassembled mountain bike arrived with damaged parts and the brakes never felt right despite the attention of bike pros. Reviews posted at Amazon, including a few for the women's version, cut the bike a little more slack, saying the deep tire treads are a good match for trail surfaces. Still, several comment that the ride feels heavy and slow. DIY assembly is also challenging, a few mountain bike reviews note.

On paper the Huffy DS-7 (starting at $129, Amazon) looks like a worthy low-cost mountain bike. The price is hard to beat and it comes with full suspension, a disc brake on the front wheel and linear pull brake at the rear, an aluminum frame, 21 gears, and 26-inch tires.

But take some time to study this bike and consider the middling assessments. The appealing price and handful of decent reviews aside, you'd be better off taking a small step up in price to get better quality and performance.

Raechel Conover

Raechel Conover is a freelance writer whose work has appeared on Yahoo, blogs, and other websites. She's a self-confessed shopaholic and frugal mom, always scouring the sale and clearance racks for deals and taking full advantage of free community activities and events with her husband and young sons.

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