Kensington Mouse in a Box K72356US Review



If you're stalking a computer mouse for its rock-bottom price, this wired Mouse in a Box from Kensington is the one to capture.

The Kensington Mouse in a Box K72356US (starting at $6, Amazon) is so cheap it's practically disposable. But Kensington Mouse in a Box reviews indicate that most users aren't going to ditch this mouse anytime soon. At Best Buy, reviews offer up praise for its sturdy feel, responsiveness, and comfort. Users also say the cord is more than long enough to stretch from PC to mousepad. It's clear from reviews, though, that the attribute users appreciate most about the Kensington mouse is its low, low price. Users who commented at Newegg rave about the excellent value, with the consensus opinion asserting it has a comfortable feel and smooth scrolling. Several users also say it's a winner as a gaming mouse because it's quick and precise.

The Mouse in a Box is a wired, optical mouse that plugs into a USB port. The design is ambidextrous and features two buttons plus a scroll wheel. Light on features -- no extra buttons, no programmable software -- is no surprise given the sub-$10 price.

We doubt you can find such a good, solid mouse at a cheaper price. If you don't care about frills and just want a simple mouse that gets the job done, this one's for you.

Michael Sweet

Michael Sweet writes about consumer electronics. If something runs on electricity or ones and zeroes, he's interested in it. Sweet has written about PC technology and consumer electronics for 14 years.

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