Logitech M500



This laser mouse sits a bit out of our price range, but you may want to go after it if you're looking for more features and buttons on a budget.

Logitech's M500 (starting at $28, Amazon) is a little pricier than the other computer mice we researched, but it also boasts more features. According to Logitech M500 reviews at Amazon, users like the fact that the scroll button has two modes: With a click, you can set the scroll wheel to a free scrolling mode that zips through long documents and web pages; click again and the scroll wheel reverts to normal, scrolling through a few lines before you feel the wheel click. They also applaud the laser component, which means they can mouse over almost any surface, and the solid and comfortable feel. Some users are fans of its gaming prowess, made possible by what they say is sensitive and precise responsiveness. Reviews posted at Staples echo all these assessments, and one user expresses relief that you don't have to worry about changing batteries with this wired mouse.

The M500 is a corded laser mouse that includes two side buttons in addition to the usual top two buttons and scroll wheel. Just plug the mouse into the computer's USB port and you're good to go. Unlike the other budget computer mice we reviewed, this model is for right-handed users only.

The Logitech M500 is a pretty good value if you're hunting for a mouse with more features than you'll find on other budget models. Here you get a couple of extra buttons and a dual-mode scrolling feature and precise laser tracking technology that's useful on many surfaces. Unfortunately, hard-core southpaws needn't bother -- Logitech doesn't seem to have a left-handed version of the M500.

Michael Sweet

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