Scope Original Mint Mouthwash Review



Users describe Scope as pleasant, tingly, without a medicinal taste, and kid-friendly. Still, many of these same users claim Scope lacks the staying power of the Listerine and Act brands.

Scope Original Mint (starting at $0.10/oz., Amazon) is a bad-breath beater pure and simple, and reviews assert it does that adequately. Users who posted Scope Original Mint reviews at Amazon say they actually like the taste, especially when stacked against other mouthwashes, and one says the bubbles that result from swishing are most refreshing. Whereas some oral rinses are adult-only affairs, reviewers note that Scope Original Mint appeals to the whole family. Some posts at sites like Viewpoints, however, contend that the effect doesn't last all that long but add that it's a good buy nonetheless owing to its value price and light, minty taste.

Scope Original Mint contains alcohol -- 15 percent, by weight -- and a variety of other chemical ingredients, as well as blue and yellow dyes. It is one component in a line of Scope mouth rinse products that also includes Outlast and Dual-Blast formulations, each available in more than one flavor. Scope is produced by Crest, best known for its toothpastes.

Anyone looking for a quick fix will find nothing objectionable about Scope Original Mint. But keep the bottle handy in the event that it wears off before the appointed hour.

Sarah McMinn

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