Coby MP550 Review


The Coby MP550's low, low price may be enough to make up for its shortcomings, and Coby MP550 reviews say it has a few. At Radio Shack and Newegg users complain that the battery life is both inconsistent and way too short, sometimes lasting less than an hour. Additionally, one Coby MP550 review gripes about the absence of a shuffle function, another complains the device freezes, and a third wishes for a screen. Still, one user praises the no-frills design and says the controls are easy to use; we did, however, see a report about a sticky navigation button. Coby MP550 reviews posted at Amazon are mixed. Some users appreciate the low price and good sound, but others grouse about limited durability and echo complaints aired at other sites.

Aside from the necessary basics, features are few and far between on the Coby MP550 (starting at $17, Amazon). It provides 2GB of memory and a built-in FM radio and support for MP3 and WMA audio files. There's a convenient clip on the back. It doesn't get more basic than that. Battery life is rated at a mere five hours.

If you're looking for a dirt-cheap and simple MP3 player, the Coby MP550 may not be a bad choice. But don't expect much from it. The battery needs frequent charging and it probably won't tide you over on a long flight or road trip. And if you like audio files in formats other than MP3 or WMA, this player just won't do. All that said, the Coby MP550's controls are user-friendly and the $17 starting price will attract some buyers who are on the hunt for the cheapest and most basic of MP3 players.

Michael Sweet

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