Sony E Series Walkman Review


Consumers who pass on a pricey iPod in favor of Sony's E Series Walkman typically find that they've made a good choice. Many Sony E Series Walkman reviews at Walmart rave about the sound quality, with some saying it surpasses that of the rival Apple product. Users declare the quality of the bass to be excellent, with no shortcomings due to its small size. One serial-MP3 buyer went so far as to say in an E Series Walkman review that this is the best model he has ever owned. Some consumers who posted comments at Amazon also say they prefer the E Series to the iPod and other top performers primarily because of the superb sound quality. An expert E Series Walkman review at CNET also hits on a variety of positive attributes, including the player's clear, deep bass, bright screen, and easy usability. Note, however, that we read several reports of early breakdowns, and one E Series Walkman review grumbled about the difficulty of removing files.

The Sony Walkman E Series (starting at $75 for 8GB, Amazon) is available in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB versions. The player features a 2-inch color display that supports JPEG videos and can play back MP4 and WMV video files. As for audio, the E Series supports MP3, WMA, AAC-LC and L-PMC file types. The E Series player includes an FM radio and a voice recorder function. Sony rates the battery life of the 16GB version at up to 30 hours for audio and four hours for video playback.

As popular as the various iPods are, they're not the only game in town. There are plenty of good, mid-priced MP3 players around and the Sony E Series is one of the best. Better yet, it's affordable, though not quite Cheapism affordable. The audio is by all accounts top-notch, particularly the bass, which is a weakness at the budget end of theMP3 player market. The E Series has plenty going for it, not least of all its value price.

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