Alera Nico Mid-Back Chair Review



Users call the leather-like material on the Alera Nico Mid-Back Chair soft, breathable, and comfortable. User reviews frequently mention the quality materials and the chair's apparent durability. The seat height and tilt are adjustable, but the armrests are not, although they are padded.

Users posting Alera Nico Mid-Back Chair reviews at Newegg report that this office chair is extremely comfortable, with padded armrests and good lumbar support. In Alera Nico Mid-Back Chair reviews at Amazon, users give the chair similar praise and add that it seems very sturdy. Reviews on both sites note that the chair sits slightly higher than others. That, combined with a large seat, may make this chair the best option on our list for tall consumers. Some users posting Alera Nico Mid-Back chair reviews find assembly easy, while others that say the chair is a beast to put together. However, even in reviews that note assembly issues, users say the Alera Nico Mid-Back Chair is so comfortable the tough assembly is worth it.

The Alera Nico Mid-Back Chair (starting at $134, Amazon) is the only office chair we found in the budget price range that has a seat and seatback made of super-soft upholstery designed to look, feel, and wipe clean like leather. The seat height and tilt are adjustable, although the padded armrests are not. This office chair has built-in lumbar support, a five-point base, and 360-degree swivel. It boasts the largest seat pan of any office chair on our list: 21 inches square. The wheel type is not specified.

We really like the material on the Alera Nico Mid-Back Chair. Leather is one of the easiest office chair materials to clean, and while this isn't technically leather, it is similarly easy to wipe clean. Users seem impressed with this budget office chair's comfort level and durable, sturdy build.

Raechel Conover

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