Z-Line Designs Task Chair Review


Think Twice

This mesh chair has carpet caster wheels, lumbar support, and a 360-degree swivel but no armrests. Numerous user reviewers report that the pieces don't fit together properly, the back is always loose, and in some cases the back actually falls off. The seat height is adjustable, but the tilt is not.

In Z-Line Designs Task Chair reviews on the website of J&R Electronics, users complain that the back of this office chair is loose and wobbly and in some cases falls off completely. Apparently even when the main screw is tightened, it comes loose on a daily basis. A user who posted a Z-Line Designs Task Chair review on Amazon had the same issue: After only one day, the screw was loose, and on the second day of use, the back fell off. However, this cheap office chair earns praise in Z-Line Designs Task Chair reviews on the website of retailer R.C. Willey, mainly for being comfortable and providing good lumbar support.

The seat height is adjustable on the Z-Line Designs Task Chair (starting at $64, Amazon), but the specs don't mention anything about adjustable tilt and there are no armrests. Both the seat and back are made from mesh fabric. Otherwise this office chair comes with all the usual features: a 360-degree swivel, carpet caster wheels, a five-point base, built-in lumbar support, and a rounded seat edge for better leg circulation.

While some users admire the design of this cheap office chair, we don't like that it doesn't have armrests. Many user reviews are terrible, with numerous accounts of the back not tightening properly, coming loose, and breaking off, making us question the safety of the chair. Consider spending more on a better budget office chair.

Raechel Conover

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