Techni Mobili 0097M Review


Think Twice

Users say the back of the Techni Mobili 0097M snaps off with very little pressure, making it an injury waiting to happen. This mesh chair does have armrests, but they aren't padded or adjustable. The seat height and tilt are adjustable, and the chair has a five-leg base.

According to Techni Mobili 0097M reviews at, the Techni Mobili 0097M Mesh Office Chair has big problems. From the mesh backing on the seatback falling off and popping out to the back of the chair completely snapping off, this cheap office chair gets very poor reviews on the retail site. Users posting Techni Mobili 0097M reviews at Amazon report the same problems, saying that the chair back snaps off when they put just a small amount of pressure on it -- in one case it broke after only a day of use.

The seat height and tilt on the Techni Mobili 0097M (starting at $68, Amazon) are adjustable. The chair does have armrests, but they are not adjustable or padded. It has a five-point base with nylon wheels, a mesh back, and a fabric seat. There is no mention of lumbar support, a swivel, or seat pan size in the specs.

Where to buy

This budget office chair seems to have few redeeming qualities. The fact that the manufacturer doesn't mention lumbar support raises a red flag. User reviews further turn us off this cheap office chair, making it sound downright dangerous. They say leaning back even a little can cause the back of the chair to break off. You are likely better off putting your money toward a safer and better-equipped budget office chair.

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