Pompeian Review



(4 votes) Although its name implies Italy, the runner-up in our olive oil review is imported from a mix of countries. Its "bit of spiciness" and "taste of olives" appealed even to those who disliked the sharpness of the aftertaste.

Pompeian earned only one fewer first-place votes than our winner, Goya, but tasters expressed mixed feelings in our Pompeian olive oil review. Those who loved the oil said it "smelled light" and had a very nice "olive taste," with just a hint of the spiciness that was overpowering in some other cheap olive oils. Despite the fact that it was "not as extremely peppery," something lingered after the bread went down, and some testers in our olive oil review found that aftertaste a little too bitter and "sting-y." On the whole, though, this seemed to our tasters like a good all-around oil that would be equally at home in a saute pan and topping off cooked foods such as grilled meats.

Pompeian ($4.19 for 250 ml, also 50 cents per ounce, Amazon) touts its Tuscan heritage but also embraces the variety of countries from which it selects the olive oils that make up this blend. The company's website explains that combining these various olive oils allows Pompeian oil to deliver the consistent flavor customers expect. Although the company started in Italy, it has been headquartered in Baltimore for more than a century. It's the first olive oil manufacturer to agree to USDA monitoring for quality and purity.

Elizabeth Sheer

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