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William Bounds WB-1 Key Pepper Mill 4 Star Rating: Cheapism Good Pick
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People don't get really ecstatic about the William Bounds Key Pepper Mill (starting at $20, Amazon), but they really like it because it works. A William Bounds Key Pepper Mill review posted on Amazon by someone who claims to hate most pepper mills because they're so hard to turn, totally appreciates the ease of turning the crank or "key" on this one. Reviews note that this low-cost pepper grinder dispenses quite a bit of pepper at one time and the heavy-duty construction also wins praise. And for true aficionados who care about how the pepper is transformed from hard seed to tiny granules, the William Bounds Key Pepper Mill is one of the few low-cost models that crushes, rather than grinds, the pepper.

The William Bounds Key Pepper Mill has a clear acrylic body, making it easy to see how much pepper remains. The key on the pepper mill is easier to turn than the dome on a traditional pepper grinder, and the metal top is quite durable. According to William Bounds Key Pepper Mill reviews, the distinction between the varying grinds is noticeable - fine is fine and coarse is coarse, and the grinds are consistent. Although this low-cost pepper mill is small, it holds a decent amount of pepper, so it doesn't demand frequent refilling (unless you pepper everything in sight).

One of the few features that keep the William Bounds Key Pepper Mill from appearing on our list as a "best" cheap pepper mill is a design that makes refilling a bit of a challenge. As with many traditional pepper mills, there's a shaft running down the middle that partially obstructs the small opening at the top; pouring pepper in is impossible without spilling little pepper balls all over the place. The completely acrylic body, while handy, is best kept away from the stove, where high heat could damage the unit. A few William Bounds Key Pepper Mill reviews report the body cracked after falling. Still, the William Bounds Key Pepper Mill is a sturdy little gadget, and while not stunning, it can be a workhorse in your kitchen.

by Elizabeth Sheer (Google+ Profile) – April 15, 2012
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