Trudeau Graviti Pepper Mill


Think Twice

The intriguing and user-friendly design might make this cheap pepper mill a compelling buy -- just turn it upside down and gravity activates the battery-powered grinding motor -- but consumers complain that the ceramic grinding mechanism jams and breaks, and the six AAA batteries add continuing cost to the upfront investment.

In the ease-of-use department, electric pepper mills reign. The Trudeau Graviti Electric Pepper Mill (starting at $17, Amazon) requires nothing of you but holding it upside down. On the whole, Trudeau Graviti Electric Pepper Mill reviews indicate that people really like this low-cost pepper grinder, at least until it breaks. Not surprisingly, then, reviews are extremely mixed. On, users mention the cool design and the fun of using it, and say it fascinates everyone who sees it; this product is a real conversation piece. The experience of one user who posted a review on Amazon is typical of many, though; the reviewer says the unit doesn't deliver as expected because of the dubious quality of the parts and the difficulty of refilling it. Many users suggest that the Trudeau Graviti Electric Pepper Millis is at its working best only with very soft or very small peppercorns.

The Trudeau Graviti Electric Pepper Mill is battery operated, and requires six AAA batteries that reportedly lose their juice quickly. It has a knob on top that turns to adjust the grind, and the lack specific settings means it can be set exactly to your taste. This model comes in many colors, making it easy to match with your decor. There's a clear acrylic window to help keep track of the contents and the pepper comes out of the top, so there's no residue left on the counter or table. The motor of the Trudeau Graviti sits in the bottom of the grinder; it must be removed for refill (Trudeau Graviti Electric Pepper Mill reviews caution against adding beyond the fill line, otherwise the mechanism will jam). Unlike manual pepper grinders, most of which come with a lifetime warranty, the Trudeau Graviti's warranty is one year.

The Trudeau Graviti Pepper Mill holds great promise, but the execution, not so much. When it works, it's a wonder; there are just too many times when it doesn't. The refill process is unnecessarily complicated because it's difficult to get all the pieces to line up when the motor and battery pack are replaced. As long as you don't mind the fuss, the ongoing cost of the batteries, and some reliability problems, the Trudeau Graviti Electric Pepper Mill might be a fun addition to your kitchen.

Elizabeth Sheer

Elizabeth Sheer is a Brooklyn-based writer and researcher. In addition to researching and writing about household appliances and other consumer items, Elizabeth draws on her history of preparing cooking-related articles to conduct taste tests on all things delicious.

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