Peugeot Paris U'Select 7-in Pepper Mill Review


The Peugeot Paris U'Select is a traditional pepper mill, with a traditional shape and traditional top twist. The design is meant to be comfortable to hold and to turn. Indeed, this mid-priced pepper mill garners praise in Peugeot Paris U'Select reviews on Amazon, where users also note that the shape feels just right in the hand. Reviews on report that changing the grind settings actually makes a difference -- the fine grind is quite fine and the coarse grind is quite coarse. About the only gripe we found in reviews concerns the refill process: you have to remove the top and fill the hopper around the shaft in the middle.

Peugeot has been making pepper mills for more than 100 years and the enduring quality of the company's products is the reason that its pepper grinders are beloved by many. The grinding mechanism of the Peugeot Paris U'Select (starting at $35, Amazon) is comprised of two grinders made of case-hardened steel that each have two sizes of grooves; the larger of the two first cracks the pepper and the smaller one does the fine grinding. It features a dial on the bottom that can be set to six different grinds. The Peugeot Paris U'Select is made of wood, so it shouldn't crack or break, and it's available in several colors of wood stain or lacquered wood.

You can buy the small, seven-inch Peugeot Paris U'Select for a little more than $10 above the Cheapism ceiling, which really pushes it out of the cheap end of the market. Peugeot offers a lifetime warranty on the grinding mechanism, and they mean it -- we found reports in Peugeot Paris U'Select reviews about Peugeot pepper grinders being passed down from one generation to the next. There are pepper mills that have been rated more highly than this one, but none have the staying power that the Peugeot has enjoyed.

Elizabeth Sheer

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