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Olde Thompson Aspen Pepper Mill
Where to Buy Olde Thompson Aspen Pepper Mill

Olde Thompson offers a matched set of salt and pepper grinders with the Aspen Pepper Mill model. Consumers posting Olde Thompson Aspen Pepper Mill reviews say the grinders look nice and are basically okay. The major selling point, according to reviews on Amazon, is the very low price. One review remarks that the mills are all plastic -- the "chrome" tops, as well - and very lightweight. The grind is adjustable, although, as reviews on Buzzillions point out, the fine grind is not very fine. One user confesses to not caring about this failing, but for another, it's a deal breaker.

The Olde Thompson Aspen Pepper Mill (starting at $17 for a set that includes a salt mill, Amazon) is fairly small, with a height of five inches, and it works in the traditional way. A knob at the top adjusts the grind, and the dome comes off for refilling. The low-cost pepper mill has a carbon steel grinding mechanism and the salt grinder comes with a ceramic mechanism. On the plus side, when ordered online, the Olde Thompson Aspen set comes with little jars of sea salt and Malabar pepper along with pre-filled grinders.

This is a standard pepper grinder with nothing particularly special about it. The set might suffice for a dining room table if you care about having items that match whose cost doesn't bite into your wallet.

by Elizabeth Sheer (Google+ Profile) – April 15, 2012
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