Artesio Soft Touch Electric Pepper Grinder Review


Electric pepper grinders, while lambasted by experts, are a real boon to people who have trouble with a traditional mill because of arthritis or other hand-related issues. The Artesio Soft Touch Electric grinder (starting at $16, Amazon) wins plaudits in Artesio Soft Touch Electric Pepper Grinder reviews on Amazon from users who appreciate that it's is easy to grip, easy to operate, and easy on the eyes. Consumers also like its performance, and note that it lights up when in use. The Artesio Soft Touch Electric Pepper Grinder has a button on the side that gets it going, although one consumer found this arrangement dismaying, saying in an review that the button sits in exactly the spot where you grab to move it from place to place; the result is pepper spews all over but not on the food.

The Artestio Soft Touch Electric Pepper Grinder gets its name from the textured material on the outside, which makes it comfortable to hold and easy to grip with wet hands. The ceramic grinding mechanism allows you to use it for all sorts of herbs and spices, including salt. It runs on four AA batteries, which users report tend to last a long time. Despite its height -- 8.5" tall -- it doesn't hold an awful lot of spice because much of the room at the top is taken up by the batteries and the motor. Fortunately, refilling is easy - just remove the top and pour the peppercorns into the see-through container. The grind is adjusted with a thumbscrew.

Cheap electric pepper grinders don't tend to work as well as manual pepper grinders, and the Artesio Soft Touch Electric model is no exception. The motor doesn't seem to be incredibly powerful although it does appear to work fairly consistently and reliably; it hasn't been on the market for a very long time, though, so the jury may still be out on that. But for people who find it difficult or impossible to use a manual pepper grinder, this kitchen tool is quite a boon.

Elizabeth Sheer

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