Motorola L601 Review


Motorola L601 reviews indicate this is a pretty good cordless phone in terms of performance, but concerns about durability and build quality crop up with some frequency. At Newegg, for example, the clear reception and range (up to 150 feet with a straight line of sight in a factory, notes one review) win nods of approval while limited battery life and problems charging earn a few demerits. Keypad malfunctions, low voice and ringer volume, clunky menu controls, excessively light weight, and total product failure disappoint some users who commented at Amazon. On the other hand, a majority of reviews at this site commend its simplicity, functionality, and quality sound.

Like others in its class, the cordless Motorola L601 (starting at $21/one handset, Amazon) is a DECT 6.0 phone with a 30-entry contact directory, caller ID, and call waiting. It features a speakerphone, backlit LCD display, and nine-number speed-dial memory. It supports up to four additional handsets, and if you put one down and don't remember where, there's a locator to help you find it.

On balance, the Motorola L601 is a decent quality basic phone, but we found others at a similar price point that may prove more satisfactory in the long run.

Michael Sweet

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