Vtech CS6719 Review



The Vtech CS6719 is a well-featured cordless phone with very good call quality and reception. This is the best overall value among our picks.

For anyone who uses a landline and wants the freedom to roam with phone in hand, Vtech CS6719 reviews say this is the budget cordless model to own. At Best Buy one purchaser reports holding conversations in a garage, 90 feet from the base, without any receptivity problems while others comment generally on the excellent range and sound quality. Although a few reviews quibble about audio clarity, most assert volume is sufficiently loud and clear when using the handset or speakerphone, and the ringer has plenty of zing, as well. Reviewers also like the feature array and user-friendly setup and operation. Reviews posted at Staples cite minor annoyances such as lag when retrieving names in the directory and a tone that sounds whenever a number is pushed, but overall users consider this a good, reliable phone.

The Vtech CS6719 (starting at $20/one handset; $30/two handsets, Best Buy) supports up to five handsets and the base comes packaged with one or two handsets. It's a DECT 6.0 phone with the usual caller ID and call waiting features, and stores up to 50 names and numbers in a directory as well as the last 10 numbers called (for convenient redialing). The keypad and display are both backlit and an indicator signals a waiting voicemail. Users can silence the ringer on the handset and the base, mute their end of the conversation, or hold the conversation in speakerphone mode. This updated model also incorporates full-duplex technology in the handset, which enables everyone on the call to speak at once without that irritating sound blackout. It bears an Energy Star.

A cheap cordless phone with just enough features to keep things simple but practical, the Vtech CS6719 handily meets users' expectations for performance. Sound quality is quite good, as is its range. Added all together, the Vtech CS6719 stands at the head of its class.

Michael Sweet

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