Vtech CS6114 Review



For the most basic of cordless phones, check out the CS6114. It's no-frills and very low cost and delivers solid reception.

This may be the cheapest cordless phone on our list, but Vtech CS6114 reviews say it more than holds its own against others in the budget zone. At Best Buy, for example, users write that it's durable, easy to set up, and provides very good reception. A bit short on features -- some lament the lack of a speakerphone -- reviewers nonetheless commend the simplicity and value price. Reviews posted at Amazon sound similar themes. As with other inexpensive cordless phones, some users report less than total satisfaction with audio quality, battery charging, and keypad buttons (hard to push, asserts one).

The Vtech CS6114 (starting at $15/one handset, Amazon) is a basic, no-frills phone. It runs on DECT 6.0 technology and includes the usual caller ID and call waiting options. It can store up to 30 names and numbers in the directory and remembers the last five numbers dialed. There is a mute function, a voicemail indicator, and volume control. Specifications indicate the CS6114 is hearing-aid compatible and it boasts an Energy Star. Unlike the other cordless phones we researched, this is a one-handset model -- the base cannot accommodate additional handsets.

The very low price of the Vtech CS6114 reflects the pared-down feature set, not any lessening of performance. For many users, this balance is exactly what's called for.

Michael Sweet

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