Uniden UN-D1760 Review



A reliable cordless phone with good sound, Uniden's UN-D1760 supports up to 12 handsets and a 100-entry phonebook, more than most budget-priced models.

Good reception, good features, and good value is the consensus assessment found in Uniden UN-D1760 reviews at several sites. One post at Walmart expresses pleasant surprise at the very clear audio with this cordless phone, another notes the ease of use, and others say it's unbeatable for the price. Reviews at Amazon are bundled together with other models in the series but are notable for their positive tone. We did, however, come across several reviews that gripe about a weak ring, slow data retrieval, and batteries that don't hold a charge; some lambast the company's customer service.

Two impressive features on the Uniden UN-D1760 (starting at $25/one handset; $45/two handsets, Amazon) are its support for up to 12 handsets and 100 entries in its contact directory, both of which make this model a good choice for small offices. Like other cordless models, it offers caller ID and call waiting and employs DECT 6.0 technology. The keypad is backlit, the handset has a built-in speakerphone (there's none in the base), and the model itself carries an Energy Star.

If you're looking for a phone system that you can expand significantly later on, the UN-D1760 is a good way to go. And with overall solid performance and phone book capacity that's two to three times larger than other models we researched, the Uniden UN-D1760 earns a second-place finish in our ranking.

Michael Sweet

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