GE 28522AE1 Review


Think Twice

This phone from GE is one of the few budget models with an integrated answering machine but users critique its call quality.

Users' GE 28522AE1 reviews are limited in number and relatively unenthusiastic. At Walmart a few approve of the aesthetics and user-friendly menus, but more grumble about irritants like low volume, garbled sound, and a ringer that isn't loud enough. A similar range of comments show up in reviews at Amazon where one user reports hearing a lot of static and believing himself to sound like a robot while talking.

Unlike most models in the budget price range, the GE 28522AE1 (starting at $30/one handset, Best Buy) includes an integrated answering system that can record up to 20 minutes of messages. This phone package comes with just one handset but the model can support a total of four. It offers caller ID and call waiting and features a speakerphone, a 30-name/number directory, a backlit LCD display, and a ringer silencer. The GE 28522AE1 also boasts an Energy Star.

A cordless phone's features and low price aren't important if the call clarity is compromised, and GE 28522AE1 reviews indicate this model delivers less than satisfactory audio quality. That alone is enough reason to pass on it. We found other low-cost cordless phones that meet a higher standard for performance and features.

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