Seaview Club Pools Review



Seaview Club offers this 18' x 42" above-ground metal-frame pool that appears similar to the same-size Heritage pool, right down to the description and instruction manual with a different logo on top -- but they're sold by different vendors. Opinion is divided about ease of setup and, as with other cheap pools, owners say this one would benefit from a larger filter and pump.

Seaview Club 18' x 42" reviews are scarce. Those we did find -- on Kmart and Sam's Club -- are relatively enthusiastic. Owners' reviews say it's the right size for young children, many of whom get a kick out of the see-though porthole window. One parent particularly likes the stability, which comes from the metal framing around the top and bottom and on the sides. A few reviews say the pump needs an upgrade and consumers stress the importance of vigilant maintenance, lest the water be overrun by algae. Setup goes smoothly, according to Seaview Club 18' x 42" reviews, but you'll need several people -- it helps if one, at least, possesses some mechanical know-how. Pool owners also note that lots of sand is required, and a foam pad atop the ground cover is a good protective measure.

The 18' x 42" Seaview Club (starting at $650) comes with an all-weather vinyl liner, steel ladder, and through-wall filter/pump with a built-in wall skimmer. The $659 price at Sam's Club includes shipping -- a deal that one pool shopper couldn't resist. We found what appears to be the same pool -- based on the photo, description, and specs -- at Target, where it sells for $600 under the name Round Prism.

This backyard pool would seem to be a good investment, but the limited number of reviews makes us hesitant to plunge in. It's probably worth wading in with eyes open, though.

Maralyn Edid

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