123inkjets Review



Most users give a nod of approval to 123inkjets for its good products, responsive customer service, and fast shipping. The quality of the non-OEM ink is very close to that of OEM cartridges.

123inkjets proves to be one of the better print cartridge retailers, according to reviews. An expert from a site devoted to assessing printer ink says ink from this company's cartridges is second only to 4inkjets and then goes on to commend its customer service. Slightly older 123inkjets reviews posted at Tech Support Alert agree, and assert that the return policy is "excellent" and the low shipping fees are much appreciated. At Viewpoints one user who claims to be a long-term customer reports never encountering a problem with 123inkjet cartridges, an assessment dittoed by scores of users at other user-based product review sites. Not surprisingly for this industry, we read a few reviews griping about one thing or another -- cartridges that quit after minimal use, print heads that need frequent cleaning, lack of compatibility, etc.

Consumers can order remanufactured, compatible, or OEM cartridges from 123inkjets. The company's customer service hours are Monday through Friday, 5am to 7pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 7am to 4pm -- all Pacific Time. Purchasers qualify for free shipping on orders greater than $55 and pay a flat rate of $4.95 for smaller orders. 123inkjets offers a one-year guarantee for remanufactured and compatible cartridges, which qualifies buyers for a full refund or replacement cartridge.

123inkjets scores higher with consumers than most printer cartridge companies. But, as with all the printer ink vendors we researched, 100 percent of customers are not 100 percent satisfied. On balance, customer service is superior to that of the competition and the vast majority of users find that 123inkjets ships quickly and delivers products that work well.

Michael Sweet

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