Inkgrabber Review


Think Twice

Inkgrabber's low prices are compelling, but we read a lot of customer complaints about this online retailer for issues like leaking cartridges and erroneous orders.

Inkgrabber is a bit of a crapshoot, according to reviews. On the one hand, experts at review sites dedicated to printer ink praise the low prices and the good quality. On the other hand, we found a variety of user complaints embedded in Inkgrabber reviews. Consumers who posted at Epinions, for example, assert that the cartridges don't work with their printers and that the wrong cartridges arrived at their doorstep. Inkgrabber reviews at Reseller Ratings are more discouraging; they report mishaps such as ink leaking inside the printer during installation, jammed gears, and muddled color printout. Many Inkgrabber reviews also grieve about poor customer service, claiming company representatives are rude, refunds hard to collect, orders hard to cancel, and the like. And yet, some users report positive experiences with the company and the products.

Inkgrabber sells remanufactured, compatible, and OEM ink cartridges. The company offers a one-year warranty on, and will replace, products that arrive damaged, leaking, or defective; however, customers have only a 90-day window for refunds. Inkgrabber foregoes shipping charges for orders greater than $75, which is a bit higher than most other printer cartridge vendors; orders less than $75 are shipped for a flat $4.95 fee. Inkgrabber maintains customer service hours Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm PST; consumers can call toll free or initiate an online chat.

Based on the reviews we found, Inkgrabber offers OK ink at competitive prices. But the number of user complaints is a concern, and the return policy stricter than that followed by other printer cartridge retailers. Customer service hours also are more restrictive.

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