Clickinks Review


Think Twice

Clickinks offers free shipping on orders greater than $30, but reviews that grouse about customer service and product quality suggest you may be better off shopping elsewhere.

Based on the reviews we read, Clickinks impresses only some purchasers. Several users gripe at Reseller Ratings about a range of problems, from poor products (e.g., cartridges leak, don't fit, or clog the printer, and some arrive half full) to poor customer service (e.g., shipments don't show up, representatives don't respond). Others report the opposite, citing positive experiences with both the product and customer service. Reviews skew negative at Site Jabber, as well; one customer says he was told to reconfigure the printer after calling the company because none of the six cartridges he ordered were recognized by the printer and other Clickinks reviews advise consumers to generally steer clear. Cheap prices are certainly an attraction, but not sufficient to overcome the spate of disappointing comments.

Clickinks sells remanufactured and compatible cartridges in addition to OEM products. Its free shipping pledge on orders greater than $30 is more liberal than that of its competitors; smaller orders are charged the industry standard of $4.95. The company will issue refunds within 180 days provided that the cartridge has not been opened; open packages must be returned within 90 days and at least 70 percent full.

Despite the generous shipping terms and some users' assertions of product reliability, the product and service problems reported by many others suggest a wiser course would be to search elsewhere for replacement ink cartridges.

Michael Sweet

Michael Sweet writes about consumer electronics. If something runs on electricity or ones and zeroes, he's interested in it. Sweet has written about PC technology and consumer electronics for 14 years.

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