Amana AGR3311WD


There's not much beyond the basics on the gas-fueled Amana AGR3311WD (starting at $385, Amazon), and there's not much to commend it, either. Amana AGR3311WD reviews at Home Depot give it a pass for the price and the simplicity. Users say heat from the burners is consistent and powerful and food cooks evenly (including whatever is put in the oven). Reviews also indicate that cooks value the easy-to-clean sealed burners and white finish and the user-friendly, bare-bones package. One purchaser happily reported that converting it for use with propane was a simple process.

What consumers don't like, according to Amana AGR3311WD reviews, are the slippery burner grates, the awkward placement of too few temperature markings (in 50-degree increments) on the bottom of the oven dial, and a fickle electronic ignition that sometimes shoots out sparks instead of lighting the stovetop flames. A post on AJ Madison notes that the unit was returned because the burners couldn't be turned down to a simmer.

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The Amana AGR3311WD is about as simple a stove as you can get. There are four 9,500-BTU burners, a 4.4-cubic-foot oven with two racks and five rack positions, and a drop-down broiler located under the oven. There is neither clock nor timer -- the only electronics are found on the ignition -- and there's no window to check the oven's progress. The controls are positioned at the front of the stove, making it ADA-compliant. This model is available in white only and comes with the standard one-year warranty.

The price of the Amana AGR3311WD falls clearly within the cheap bracket. For just about the same investment, though, you can find gas ranges with more features and more reliable performance.

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