Maytag M1TXEGMYW Review



The top-freezer Maytag M1TXEGMYW features 20.6 cubic feet of storage space, adjustable glass shelving, two humidity-controlled crispers, a deli/snack drawer, and an ice maker. It's available in white, black, bisque, and stainless steel. Users give this Energy Star-qualified fridge kudos for reliability and ample storage.

In Maytag M1TXEGMYW reviews at Lowe's users give this budget fridge four stars for steady dependability, practical features, and well-planned use of space. The top-freezer Maytag M1TXEGMYW (starting at $710) is a winner with consumers. Owners who posted reviews at Home Depot similarly laud its quality, reliability, and sturdy feel. Most consumers report good temperature regulation and plenty of cold air, although a few reviews cite some unevenness and problems keeping ice cream sufficiently frozen. (With only one control for both the fridge and freezer compartments, it's impossible to dial down the freezer section without over-chilling the fresh food section.) We also noticed minor griping in Maytag M1TXEGMYW reviews about the noise level.

Design-wise, Maytag M1TXEGMYW stands out for having the largest capacity of any top -freezer refrigerator we researched. With 20.6 cubic feet total interior space, 14.4 cubic feet are given over to fresh food and 6.2 cubic feet are devoted to frozen items. This fridge also provides flexible storage options with four adjustable (fresh food) glass shelves, adjustable door storage (including gallon-size door bins), two humidity-controlled crispers, and a deli drawer. In addition, the M1TXEGMYW includes an automatic ice maker -- a bonus for refrigerators in the budget price range. There is a light in the refrigerator compartment but none in the freezer, and a number of reviewers lament its absence. The Maytag M1TXEGMYW is Energy Star qualified and consumes approximately 410 kWh a year for an estimated annual operating cost of $44.

Available in white, black, bisque, or, for $200 more, stainless steel, the Maytag M1TXEGMYW is a reliable refrigerator that impresses consumers with its value. It's perfect for thrifty families looking for bang for the buck and works fine as the primary refrigerator or as a backup in the garage or a storehouse for a teen cave.

Raechel Conover

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