Kenmore 69002 Review



A basic bottom-freezer refrigerator, the Kenmore 69002 features 19.7 cubic feet of interior space, fixed gallon storage bins in the door, adjustable glass shelves, a reversible door, and Energy Star qualification. Users appreciate the efficient use of space and overall functionality of this model, available only in white.

This model is sold exclusively by Sears, and Kenmore 69002 reviews at the retailer's site indicate buyers are quite pleased with their purchase. The Kenmore 69002 (starting at $848, Sears) is one of the few bottom-freezer refrigerators that squeeze into the Cheapism price range. Good use of space -- a roomy freezer, an efficiently organized door, adjustable shelves -- merits frequent mention in reviews. The absence of much comment on the Sears site about temperature regulation suggests all is well and good in that department, although reviews posted at Viewpoints laud this aspect of the fridge's performance. Another point in its favor, according to Kenmore 69002 reviews, is the ability to reconfigure the shelves and remove them for cleaning. Users also rave about the bottom-freezer configuration, which frees them from bending over to reach fresh foods, minimizes the chances of "losing" food to the back of the lowest shelves, and affords easier access to freezer treats for the kids.

This relatively low-cost refrigerator with an upmarket bottom-freezer design doesn't come with many extras, but does sport a few key features. There are adjustable glass shelves, fixed gallon-size door bins, humidity-controlled crispers, an interior light in freezer and fridge, electronic controls with digital display, and an optional ice maker. It provides 19.7 cubic feet of storage, including 13.5 cubic feet devoted to fresh food and 6.2 cubic feet to frozen food. This model is available in white only and the outer shell is textured. It's Energy Star qualified and burns about 454 kWh of electricity a year.

The Kenmore 69002 may lack lots of bells and whistles, but the spacious interior, convenient configuration, customizable interior, reliability, and budget price are the main attractions. If a fridge with a bottom-freezer is a priority, this is the one for you.

Raechel Conover

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