GE GTH18GBD Review



At 18.1 cubic feet, the top-freezer GE GTH18GBD offers fixed gallon storage bins in the door, adjustable glass shelves, two humidity-controlled crispers, and one snack drawer. Available finishes include white, black and bisque. Users consider this model a good value, but some carp about the noise level.

GE GTH18GBD reviews at Home Depot give a thumbs-up for the strong association between affordability and quality. As evidence, users cite adequate cooling and even temperature control, well-planned and generous space, and quiet operation. GE GTH18GBD (starting at $537, Sears) reviews posted at Lowe's ditto the assessment, adding that it's easy to clean and is overall a solid appliance. Minor rumblings about noise surface here and there in reviews, however, including one at Amazon. Elsewhere another consumer says the crisper drawers are hard to pull out but notes that a little wax on the runners makes for an easy fix. Overall consumers are positively disposed toward this mid-size, top-freezer refrigerator.

A basic model with few frills, the GE GTH18GBD sports 18.1 cubic feet of interior space (13.9 cubic feet for the fridge, 4.2 cubic feet for the freezer) that contains adjustable glass shelves, two humidity-controlled crispers, a snack drawer, and fixed gallon-size bins and soda-can storage in the door. There is an interior light in the fresh food compartment but not in the freezer; an ice maker is optional. The textured finish comes in white, black, or bisque. The GE GTH18GBD is Energy Star qualified, with average energy consumption of 383 kWh a year for an estimated operating cost of $41.

The GE GTH18GBD is right-sized for small households and urban dwellers. It's also ideal as an extra garage or basement fridge or for a guest house. Based on the reviews we read, this well-priced refrigerator doesn't stint on performance.

Raechel Conover

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