Maytag M4TXNWFY Review


Compact size, entry-level feature set, and good performance define this top-freezer fridge. Maytag M4TXNWFY reviews assign it moderately high marks for reliability and use of interior space. At Home Depot one review notes that it seems to hold way more than its 14.4 cubic feet would suggest and another reports that it easily meets the needs of a family of four. The absence of frills appeals to some, as well, as does the associated modest price. Additional affirmation comes in Maytag M4TXNWFY (starting at $449) reviews posted at AJ Madison, where users comment on its quiet operation, good temperature regulation, and spacious layout. Reviews indicate that couples without children, consumers who live in small apartments, and owners of vacation homes and rental properties constitute a large share of buyers.

This top-freezer model is the smallest we researched, and yet users report its 10.6 cubic feet of refrigerator space and 3.8 cubic feet of freezer space hold several weeks worth of food and leftovers. The Maytag M4TXNWFY comes equipped with two wire shelves in the fridge and a glass shelf covering two crispers at the bottom, a covered dairy drawer, three door shelves, and one freezer shelf with two more in the door. There is a light in the fridge but none in the frost-free freezer; an automatic ice maker is optional. The Maytag M4TXNWFY lacks an Energy Star and uses about 438 kWh a year for an estimated average operating cost of $47.

The basic Maytag M4TXNWFY may lack frills but boasts an attractive price tag and strong user reviews. Performance and a roomy interior feel are a winning combination at this price point. If you're in the market for a smaller refrigerator, this one might be hard to pass up.

Raechel Conover

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