Frigidaire FFTR1814L Review


Think Twice

The mid-size top-freezer Frigidaire FFTR1814L features 18.2 cubic feet, three crisper drawers, non-adjustable wire shelving, fixed gallon door bins, and a choice of black, white, or silver mist finish. Users deem its performance and build quality below par.

Consumers' experience with the top-freezer Frigidaire FFTR1814L (starting at $476) is mixed, but skews mostly negative. On the plus side, Frigidaire FFTR1814L reviews commend the modest price and mid-range size, noting its suitability as a second fridge or a fit for small spaces. At Home Depot, for example, one owner says the interior is large enough to hold three slow-cookers on a single shelf and another values its no-nonsense basics. But other reviews at this site, at Best Buy, and at Amazon deride its performance and build quality. Users report problems with inadequate cold and temperature regulation in both the refrigerator and freezer, excessive and loud noise, defective parts, and generally poor construction materials. Reviews tell of bars popping off door shelves, bins and door racks that crack, wire shelves that sag under the weight of heavy items, and misaligned handles.

The Frigidaire FFTR1814L contains 18.2 cubic feet of interior space, with 14.1 cubic feet given over to the fridge and 4.1 cubic feet to the top-mounted freezer. There is storage for gallon-size containers in the door, two slide-out wire shelves, a humidity controlled crisper, and a dairy compartment. The refrigerator section has a light, but the freezer does not. The Frigidaire FFTR1814L is available in black, white, or silver mist - a budget alternative to stainless steel. This model does not qualify for an Energy Star.

Consumer feedback about the noise level, faulty parts, and iffy performance give us pause. The low price doesn't quite compensate for the flaws, and with other modestly-priced and well-reviewed refrigerators on the market, there's no reason to settle for this one.

Raechel Conover

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